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Kirsten has been singing, dancing and acting for as long as she's been breathing. Growing up with a music teacher for a mother, she had the privilege of studying with some of the worlds best classical vocal coaches at the Peabody Conservatory along with the honor of being a dance major and proud graduate of the Baltimore School for the Arts. She has been a triple threat her entire career and toured the United States and Canada in professional productions such as Cabaret, A Chorus Line and Jesus Christ Superstar. Upon landing in the Bay Area, Kirsten found another niche in the world of Cabaret and Burlesque as "Mz.K", where she is known for causing mischief and making heads turn wherever she goes. In 2010 she ran away to join the circus and is currently a principal soloist with the Bay Area’s ‘Vau de Vire Society’, where she is known as a quadruple threat as she is usually seen flying through the air, upside down, in the splits and singing all at the same time. Kirsten found pole in 2009 and it opened her eyes to a whole new way of expression, changing her life forever. She decided to create her very first pole performance in 2012 and since then has shared her pole art throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Kirsten has won several pole awards and titles. In 2015 she claimed the title for Pole Theatre USA Drama (Semi-Pro) and in 2018 she won her first International title, Pole Theatre Mexico Classique, with her signature style of Showgirl Slink Singing pole. She is a certified pilates instructor since 2007, has been teaching pole since 2009 and has been teaching dance for 30+ years. Kirsten is constantly reminded of how amazing her performance  community is and strives to continue to educate students from all movement genres always with a loving heart and open mind. 


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