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San Francisco's Burlesque, Circus and Pole performer. Elle Emme is a dancer and actress that has graced the stage since she was only 3. Elle Emme is currently a member of The Fishnet Follies, The Vau De Vire Society, & The Muse Dance Collective. She recently won first place in the Pacific Pole Championship Competition in Los Angeles CA and continues to perform all over the San Francisco Bay area and beyond. 


But her artistic spectrum doesn’t stop there. From years of perfecting her self in the mirror during ballet classes, Elle Emme has picked up an eye for striking the perfect pose. This skill has newly been directed into her passion for pinup and boudoir photography. As the director behind the Lens, Elle Emme is able to share her years of experience posing her body into the most perfect lines and can now turn already beautiful women into striking ballerinas in an instant. You can find her photography work at


Elle Emme is now traveling Europe to expand her profile and most certainly learn a thing or two from the European women she’s always idolized. Currently she’s available for all productions looking for someone who’s classy, sassy, and in love.




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